About Us

Executive Summary

Titan O&P Fabrication is an ABC Accredited Central Fabrication Facility that specializes in manufacturing customized orthotics and prosthetics. We manufacture quality prosthesis using the best thermoplastics, composites and expert techniques. We hand craft orthosis with skilled techniques using high quality leather, metal and plastics. At Titan O&P Fabrications we focus on quality, dependable fabrication time, and competitive pricing. We never limit the client’s choice on products that can be fabricated and will help engineer new styles of orthosis and prosthesis for total client satisfaction.

Titan O&P Fabrication services all fabrication needs. We are here to help in many ways, by fabricating highly specialize orthosis and prosthesis, fabricating the practitioner’s braces so they can cut down their overhead expenses, or working to fabricate the overflow of the practitioner’s offices. Our goal is to help fabricate to your needs so that you can focus on your patients. Andrew Hennig, CEO, works closely with each practitioner’s office and caters to ensure satisfaction. We fabricate work off each work order to specification. At Titan O&P Fabrications we understand that these devices must be fabricated to help better the lives of the patients. We will work off the work orders, insure our QA/QC and work to cater to your preferences of materials, techniques, trim lines, etc. At Titan O&P Fabrication we work to fabricate quality orthosis and prosthesis using tried and true fabrication techniques.

Titan O&P Fabrication also partners with new and innovative companies. Andrew works very closely with these companies to ensure fabrication is done correctly.

Who is Titan O&P Fabrications?

Titan O&P Fabrications Inc. opened their doors in 2014. Titan O&P Fabrications is owned by Andrew M. Hennig, who has a strong passion for this industry. Andrew spent 5 years overseas. The majority of his time spent in Afghanistan and Iraq. Being in a war zone in his mid-20s, Andrew learned fast the value of life, hard work, and determination. He worked with robot deployment systems and ground penetrating radar and helped bring these technologies to the military in the war zone. The troops learned from him and his teams how to install, maintain and trouble shoot the new technology. He then led his teams to re-engineer the technology to better help the troops in the field. Through this he learned the basic morals and values that he brings to Titan O&P Fabrications. Every day when troops were out in the field, he knew that more men were returning back to base unharmed or with less life-threatening injuries.

After being in a war zone for 5 years, Andrew Hennig was ready to return to Texas and develop a livelihood in the civilian world. He knew that he wanted to be in an industry where he could help better people’s lives every day. There is a positive impact to be made on other’s lives and Andrew wanted to be part of it. Back in 2009, Andrew Hennig joined a partner in building a central fabrication facility. Andrew developed industry techniques, networks, and processes from working in the industry for 5 years. He then decided to branch out on his own and started Titan O&P Fabrications.

Titan O&P Fabrications is built on the principals of hard work, attention to detail, positive impact, and giving back. Titan O&P Fabrications offers a high quality, customized device at market competitive prices. With our strong fundamentals, Titan O&P Fabrications is able to create, design or engineer any device a client needs.

Andrew spent years building Titan O&P Fabrication into a central fabrication facility that practitioners can depend on. Getting Titan O&P Fabrications to be an ABC Accredited Facility is a strong foundation. We feel that if each practitioner should be accredited and educated, so should the central fabrication facility that helps build each product. We educate and train each technician that works at Titan O&P.

Fabrication Time

At Titan O&P Fabrications we understand that getting the correct system on the patient in a timely manner is very important. We work hard to ensure that we provide a quality product but at a reasonable fabrication time


  • Check Sockets: 1-2 business day
  • Definitive Sockets: 2-3 business days
  • Click Medical Revo Fit Socket: 5-6 business days


Please contact us for pricing details.