Titan O&P Fabrications

Titan O&P Fabrications is your lamination specialist! Titan O&P Fabrications is an ABC Accredited Central Fabrication Facility that specializes in manufacturing customized prosthetics. We fabricate high quality prosthesis with eye catching graphics and expert techniques. Team Titan is knowledgeable and reliable. At Titan O&P Fabrications we focus on quality, dependable fabrication time and competitive pricing. Team Titan takes pride in partnering with practitioners to create and deliver quality products that have a positive impact on patients lives.

We are here to help in many ways, by fabricating highly specialized prosthetics so practitioners can cut down their overhead expenses or working to fabricate the overflow of a practitioner’s office. Our goal is to help fabricate to your needs so that your can focus on your patients. Andrew Hennig, President and Founder, works closely with each practitioner’s office and cater to ensure satisfaction. We will work off the work orders, insure our quality, and work to cater to your preferences of materials, techniques, trim lines, etc. At Titan O&P Fabrication we work to fabricate quality prosthesis using tried and true fabrication techniques.